Selected Writings

The Culture That Sustains America’s Constitution

Op-ed, Wall Street Journal, July 3, 2018

"Since 1789 the average life span of national constitutions world-wide has been 19 years, according to scholars at the University of Chicago. Meanwhile, “We the People of the United States” are now well into the third century under our Constitution. We’ve lived under the same written charter longer than any people on earth. We’ve had regular federal elections every two years, uninterrupted even by the Civil War...."

Joseph Tartakovsky
231 years ago this week, work began on the most important document in American history

Op-ed Fox News, May 24, 2018

"The Athens of Socrates, the Florence of da Vinci, the London of Shakespeare – these were impressive places, but none nearly as history-altering as the Philadelphia of the American rebels. On May 25, 1787 – 231 years ago Friday – the rebels began the convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution. It is the most readable, practical and liberating wonder of the world...."

Joseph Tartakovsky
Rights Revisited

Jul 4, 2011  National Review magazine

A review of habilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights against Progressive Reform, by David E. Bernstein.

Joseph Tartakovsky
Dis Bard

Jul 1, 2011  Commentary magazine

A review of A Thousand Times More Fair, by Kenji Yoshino, about about Shakespeare and the law.

Joseph Tartakovsky